Anonymous: wasn't trying to flatter myself. i'm no one significant. you once said you enjoyed when people would randomly think of you out of the blue. anyway that's what i initially meant to convey. oops.

I do enjoy when people randomly think of me out of the blue. But it does me no good when I don’t know who is thinking of me out of the blue.

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Anonymous: "thundamentals - smiles don't lie" not my usual style of suggestion but isn't it still nice to know you cross my mind still.

Whoa now, don’t be so quick to flatter yourself. Depends who you are.

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I forgot to tell you guys…

I saw Ellie Goulding live last week.

I would share a picture, but I didn’t take a single damn one. I could not take my eyes off of her. 

Not only is she a fucking stone cold fox, but holy shit she is a phenomenal performer.

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Me: Asks mom a question.

Mom: Gives a 20 minute encyclopedic plethora of information. Never gives answer.

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On the upside, your thighs are bigger. So there’s that.

Almost at suffocate a man with my thighs status, and yet I still mourn my boots.

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