Someone please massage my brain because it hurts so bad.

Only one more paper to go.

Exactly two weeks until graduation.

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Switched up my cardio routine after I did weights today. Went swimming at the gym for the first time and I seriously feel like I’m getting high from all of the chlorine I have ingested.

But seriously, I feel like I got the shit beat out of me. It hurts so good >.<

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I officially put the “pro” in procrastination.

Fuck you, 48 page Capstone. And they said you couldn’t be done the night before.

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That was absolutely heartbreaking. Double overtime.

You boys did so good. You played your fucking heart out. Lundqvist you were a fucking rockstar.

This was one crazy ride. Too bad the refs were so pro-Kings.

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Rangers, I still believe in you. Like all the way. You can come back from this. I WILL SUPPORT YOU!

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Anyone have instagram? Let me follow youuuu. I want to expand my creepin’ circle.

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To the 16 year old girl I just talked on on omegle for over an hour: thanks for the good conversation, be good to yourself!

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I got floated to a telemetry floor at work today for the first time. Never in my life have I seen so many patients that wanted coffee.

Me (basically all day): No, dude, you are on a cardiac diet and you canNOT HAVE CAFFEINE SO YOU CAN TAKE THE DECAF I OFFERED YOU AND LOVE IT OR STFU.

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