Switched up my cardio routine after I did weights today. Went swimming at the gym for the first time and I seriously feel like I’m getting high from all of the chlorine I have ingested.

But seriously, I feel like I got the shit beat out of me. It hurts so good >.<

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I officially put the “pro” in procrastination.

Fuck you, 48 page Capstone. And they said you couldn’t be done the night before.

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That was absolutely heartbreaking. Double overtime.

You boys did so good. You played your fucking heart out. Lundqvist you were a fucking rockstar.

This was one crazy ride. Too bad the refs were so pro-Kings.

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Rangers, I still believe in you. Like all the way. You can come back from this. I WILL SUPPORT YOU!

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Anyone have instagram? Let me follow youuuu. I want to expand my creepin’ circle.

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To the 16 year old girl I just talked on on omegle for over an hour: thanks for the good conversation, be good to yourself!

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I got floated to a telemetry floor at work today for the first time. Never in my life have I seen so many patients that wanted coffee.

Me (basically all day): No, dude, you are on a cardiac diet and you canNOT HAVE CAFFEINE SO YOU CAN TAKE THE DECAF I OFFERED YOU AND LOVE IT OR STFU.

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Just FYI, I won’t be posting much until Monday night probably. I’m in New York, staying in the projects, and cannot get stable internet for the life of me.

If you do wanna see my awesome trip though and me stuffing my face with food, I’ll be active on instagram - brizen

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lol someone posts that people on tumblr don’t talk to them enough.

I send them a message and try to initiate conversation, but they reply with one word answers the whole time and just stop answering altogether eventually.

Sorry I’m not an attractive person of the opposite sex, but if you’re really fiending for that much attention, maybe you should go on okcupid instead of tumblr.

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